KISS (Korean Studies Information Service System) – TRIAL


Catalogue record, available via: KISS (Korean Studies Information Service System) – TRIAL.

Trial ends 31 May 2020

KISS provides more than 3,300 publications, mainly scholarly e-journals for Korean Studies in full-text, as well as government documents from 300 organizations. In fact, more than 50% of the journals are indexed in Korean Citation Index.

KISS covers the below fields:

  • Human Science
  • Social Science
  • Language and Literature
  • Art and Sports
  • Agriculture and Natural Science
  • Technology and Medical

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JoVE Science Education Videos (Trial)

Catalogue record, available via: JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, in support of many colleges and universities moving to remote teaching and learning models, JoVE wants to enable faculties to teach remotely.

JoVE is happy to provide all of their Education video content free to use in STEM teaching efforts through to June 15th 2020.

  • JoVE Core – isolate key scientific concepts and visualize them to maximize learning comprehension. This video textbook, available in Biology and Social Psychology, can be used as primary teaching resource or a supplement to teaching materials.
  • JoVE Science Education – teach scientific fundamentals with this video library of simple easy-to-understand video demonstrations in 8 STEM fields.
  • Lab Manual – bring the lab home with comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for introductory biology lab courses.

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SAGE Research Methods: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods Videos (TRIAL)

Catalogue record, available from: SAGE Research Methods: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods Videos (TRIAL).

TRIAL ENDS 31st December 2020

This unique collection of videos covers a range of innovative and cutting edge techniques and projects across data science methods, issues and challenges surrounding big data research, and applications of computational social science research. With a focus on what new methods and data sources can tell us about human behaviour, the collection contains interviews with leading academics at the forefront of developing these methods, and short documentaries exploring industry applications of data science. From basic programming techniques for those starting out, through to advanced techniques in deep learning, you will find helpful tutorials, tailored to those with different disciplinary backgrounds and experience.

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SAGE Research Methods Video (Trial)

Catalogue record, available from: SAGE Research Methods Video (Trial).
TRIAL ENDS 6th June 2020

Bring research methods and statistics to life

Visual demonstrations are sometimes the best ways to learn new skills, and learning to conduct research is no exception. SAGE Research Methods Video provides hundreds of video titles showing research in action to help users build their skills as they prepare to conduct original research. Rather than reading about the best way to conduct a focus group, users can watch one in progress to see just how the facilitator interacts with participants. Those struggling to learn statistics can use the intro stats lessons to learn at their own pace, pausing and repeating the instruction until it clicks. From foundational academic skills perfect for first-year college students to the latest big data research, there is video for researchers at any level, and platform tools such as custom clips and embed codes make it easy for teaching faculty to incorporate video content into their courses.

Content and Features:

  • Includes tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more
  • Covers every aspect of research skills training and guides students through every step of the research process
  • Contains 484 video titles, 70% of which are exclusive to SAGE
  • Students can access content at any time, and instructors can embed videos in their course management systems
  • Includes an entire 15-hour introductory statistics course, which students can access again and again, ensuring they master the concepts

Topics include:

  • Key Concepts in Research
  • Philosophy of Research
  • Research Ethics
  • Planning Research
  • Research Design
  • Data Collection
  • Data Quality & Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Writing and Disseminating Research

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SAGE Research Methods Datasets (Trial)

Catalogue record, available from: SAGE Research Methods Datasets (Trial).
TRIAL ENDS 31 March 2020

Master data analysis with hands-on practice

Sometimes the best way of learning a new technique is through doing. SAGE Research Methods Datasets provide that opportunity for users looking to master quantitative or qualitative data analysis. Each title provides sample data that has been optimized for demonstrating a method, accompanied by a how-to guide that explains the method at hand and walks users through the analysis using the data provided. Quantitative examples also include software guides for statistical analysis using SPSS, R, Stata, or Python. After some hands-on practice, users will be more confident when they go on to analyze their own data. Several examples cover how to manage imperfect data, including missing data, rescaling variables, and other common data cleaning scenarios.

Content and Features

  • Hundreds of teaching datasets to practice qualitative and quantitative analytical methods
  • Datasets can be downloaded in a range of file formats and cited
  • Datasets support a range of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods and stem from research in Business, Education, Health, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology
  • Each dataset includes a description of the data, a how-to guide for applying the method in question, additional methods that can be applied to the set, static visualizations, and codebooks where necessary
  • Fully integrated on the SAGE Research Methods platform

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Eight Centuries (formerly 19th Century Masterfile)

Eight Centuries image
Catalogue record, available from: Eight Centuries.

In January 2020 this resource has changed its name to “Eight Centuries”. All the content available under the title “19th Century Masterfile” is continued under “Eight Centuries”. The new name reflects the ever-widening scope of this product: ‘8C’ contains material dating from the 12th to 20th centuries. Additionally, new source material has been added to the already-extensive database, and streamlined the interface to make finding sources easier, faster, and more intuitive.

19th Century Masterfile was originally launched in 1999 as “Poole’s Plus,” but has now grown to include over seventy contemporary indexes to English-language publishing prior to 1930. This combination of indexes covers periodicals, newspapers, books, patents, image archives, US and UK government documents, and more. It offers ‘omni-disciplinary’ coverage of materials in the humanities and social sciences, engineering, history of science, law, economics, religion, psychology, visual arts, music, and the physical sciences.

Here is a list of some of the main titles available via this resource:

  • A.L.A. Index to General Literature, 1893-1910
  • A.L.A. Portrait Index, 1732-1905
  • American Fiction, 1851-1875
  • Annual Library Index, 1892-1910
  • Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900
  • Century of Loan Exhibitions, 1813-1912
  • Cobbett’s Parliamentary Debates, 1066-1803
  • Descriptive Index of Current Engineering Literature, 1884-1891
  • Engineering Index, 1892-1909
  • Index to Legal Periodical Literature, 1786-1937
  • Index to Legal Periodicals, 1908-1929
  • Index to Periodicals, 1890-1902
  • International Catalogue of Scientific Literature, 1901-1914
  • Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1906
  • Psychological Index, 1894-1905
  • Royal Academy of Arts : a complete dictionary of contributors and their work, 1769-1904
  • Society of Artists of Great Britain, 1760-1791, the Free Society of Artists, 1761-1783 : a complete dictionary of contributors and their work

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Qur’ānic Studies Online

Catalogue record, available from: Qur’ānic Studies Online.

Qur’ānic Studies Online (including Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online and Dictionary of Qurʾānic Usage, and Qurʾān Concordance)
Qur’ānic Studies Online gives access to four resources:
1) Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online, an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur’ānic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within qur’ānic studies
2) Qurʾān Concordance, a unique finding aid which allows users to identify and localize text fragments of the Qurʾān
3) Dictionary of Qurʾānic Usage, a contextualised Arabic-English dictionary of Qur’ānic usage, compiled in accordance with modern lexicographical methods by scholars who have a lifelong immersion in Qur’ānic Studies
4) Early Western Korans Online, a collection of 62 korans printed in Arabic type in several Western European cities between 1537 and 1857. Please note that this title must be accessed via a separate link available under “Access Information” on the catalogue record.

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Shakespeare in Performance

Catalogue record, available from: Shakespeare in Performance.

Shakespeare in Performance showcases rare and unique prompt books from the world-famous Folger Shakespeare Library. These prompt books tell the story of Shakespeare’s plays as they were performed in theatres throughout Great Britain, the United States and internationally, between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries.  In a mixture of handwritten manuscripts and printed typescripts, often interspersed with personal notes, sketches, and cues for lighting and music, this resource takes users behind the scenes to shine a light on how the Bard’s timeless works have been interpreted by theatre companies, actors and directors across the centuries.

The resource also contains carefully curated case studies built around 17 selected performances, using important supporting material such as photographs, costume designs and music scores to highlight key aspects of each production.

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Shakespeare’s Globe Archive

Catalogue record, available from: Shakespeare’s Globe Archive.

This collection of documents offers insights into the performance practice in the particular space of the reconstructed Globe Theatre. It details the way in which the theatre was constructed as a place of radical experiment. It documents over 200 performances through prompt books, wardrobe notes, programmes, publicity material, annual reports, show reports, photographs and architectural plans.

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