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THE (Times Higher Education) is the data provider underpinning university excellence in every continent across the world. As the company behind the world’s most influential university ranking, and with almost five decades of experience as a source of analysis and insight on higher education, they have unparalleled expertise on the trends underpinning university performance globally. THE’s data and benchmarking tools are used by many of the world’s most prestigious universities to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Access: Individual registration is required. To register go to THE homepage, click the person icon in the top right corner then click Register, follow the prompts to complete the registration. You must use your University of Melbourne email address when you register.
To access the digital editions of Times Higher Education, go to THE homepage. Login with your THE username & password. Click the “Professional” tab, then click “Digital Editions”.
To access THE app, download the app from your app store provider (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire). To log-in click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Account”, then “Existing THE account”. Enter the username & password you registered when you created your THE account.
Further access information is available from the University Library. Catalogue record, available from: Times Higher Education

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Therapeutic Guidelines – eTG Complete app now available!

The full collection of Therapeutic Guidelines via the eTG Complete app is now available for staff and students.  The collection comprises 2500 clinical topics and 3500 drug recommendations that are independent of government and the pharmaceutical industry.  Access information is available from the University Library eTG Complete. Catalogue record, available from: eTG Complete.  This unique Australian digital resource is essential for medical, nursing, pharmacy and health sciences practitioners and can be utilised at the point of care from a mobile device. It is possible to use the app offline and download the content to your device, for the details see the instructions for institutional users.

Your app access will need to be renewed annually with a new token.

What’s new on Therapeutic Guidelines?
The Endocrinology guidelines have been split into three new guidelines – Diabetes, Bone and Metabolism, and Sexual Reproductive Health. Updates of the latter two titles are expected later in 2019. The new Diabetes, version 1 has just been released and covers all types of diabetes, including drug-induced hyperglycaemia. The update provides comprehensive new information on hospital and community management options.  The new release also features a comparative drug table and handy downloadable information sheets.

The Ulcer and Wound Management guidelines section has just been extensively revised. Focusing on individualised patient-centred therapy, it includes advice on how to optimise the treatment and prevention of common ulcers and wounds including skin tears, surgical wounds, abrasions, haematomas and pressure injuries. Also included is a new topic on minor burns and a guide to starting compression therapy.


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SciFinder-n (Trial)

This trial will end 4 March 2019

SciFinder-n is the newest product in the SciFinder family, accelerating the research process with a frictionless interface to the unmatched CAS content collection and the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry.  SciFinder-n includes: MethodsNow Synthesis which contains more than 5 million fully described synthesis methods and procedures, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make the compounds important to your research; and PatentPak which allows you to search through millions of patents sourced from more than 30 patent offices and instantly locate the chemistry within.

Use your SciFinder LogIn ID and Password to access the SciFinder-n trial.  You must have registered in SciFinder prior to 19th November 2018 to be able to access this trial. If not, please contact Trial queries (using your unimelb email address) for assistance.

eResource cancellations 2018

Due to ongoing collection budget constraints, including the impact of the changing value of the Australian dollar, the Library identified some low use journal or database packages for cancellation in late 2017, generating savings in the order of $218,000. This ensured we met our Materials Vote target.

The parameters used to reach this decision were low use of the resource, or access to these materials being available from other resources within our collections.

We do understand that in some instances there will be access lost to material that some colleagues consider valuable. Whilst we may not be able to reinstate these resource sets in their entirety, we are interested in feedback about adverse impact on your research and studies, and will seek to ameliorate this through alternate means of providing access such as document delivery, the purchase of a single journal title or the reinstatement of subsets of a particular database.

The packages cancelled for 2018 are :

  • ProQuest – Social Sciences Premium
  • Emerald – Health Care
  • Lexis Academic (will be reinstated in June 2018 following academic feedback)
  • CAIRN Info
  • EBSCO – Regional Business News
  • EBSCO – Newspaper Source Plus
  • EBSCO – Legal Source
  • EBSCO – International Humanities
  • China Government Gazettes full-text database
  • LLBA (reinstated)

Individual titles cancelled for 2018 are:

  • 10 Monkeys
  • Arts:Live
  • Busy Things
  • Literacy Planet
  • Science of Synthesis
  • Sexual Health Visual

Please direct any feedback to Jennifer Eddy <jennifer.eddy@unimelb.edu.au>, who will submit it to relevant user groups and library committees for consideration.

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