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Trial ends: 23rd April 2024.

Pressreader’s content covers a large selection of international newspapers and magazines, from 150 countries, in 70 languages, spanning 7000 titles.

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12 Responses to “PressReader – TRIAL”

  1. Lydia Grant says:

    PressReader is an excellent resource for our students in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music, especially those in Dance, Visual Art, Production, Design, and Performance.

    FFAM library staff are seeing teaching staff actively encourage their students to engage with recent issues of professional magazines/periodicals to maintain an awareness of current discourse in their discipline areas. PressReader makes this task more accessible for students.

  2. Andi says:

    PressReader is an excellent database, the choice of titles is huge. As convener of German, I’m sure it will be a great resource for teaching material. Furthermore, our students can chose titles that suit their individual interests and improve their language skills using authentic material in their own time.

  3. Guido says:

    This could be a very useful tool for many engineering students who need to research a project that has ‘gone wrong’ and has been reported in the news. Often they don’t need the level of searching offered in Factiva but a quick way to find the main issues reported in the media.

  4. Birgit Lang says:

    This is a very useful database for language learners due to its wide range of languages presented. I could and would use materials in my teaching

  5. Natasha Story says:

    PressReader is an excellent resource with an immediately accessible interface. In addition to the disciplines in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music mentioned by Lydia Grant (above), students from Film & Television and Animation would also benefit from this resource. It provides a convenient method of keeping up to date with current publications in the field.

  6. Emily Collett says:

    PressReader would be a highly valuable resource for our Design and Production students in the Faculty of Fine Art and Music, and the Bachelor of Design students who visit us for Performance Majors and electives.
    A significant part of their work is based on creative research, and keeping in touch with performance and artistic trends and news both locally and globally, the wealth of knowledge made available to them via this platform would contribute hugely to their learning and the development of their creative outputs.
    It would also be of added benefit for our international students for whom accessing relevant and useful content in their first languages can be difficult to facilitate.

  7. Sean Davey says:

    PressReader would be highly advantageous for photojournalism students and staff alike, as it provides virtual layouts of publications, including photographs. This would be an excellent teaching tool, showcasing how images are used in news publications, for example to research photographs used on Page One of different newspapers from around the world on any given day. Thanks for the opportunity to preview it. Regards, Sean Davey

  8. Andreas says:

    A fantastic option for foreign language teaching. I can draw on articles on current topics and trends and motivate students to do their own reading. For German, I particularly enjoy using the texts and exercises in the magazine Deutsch perfekt, which are divided according to language level.
    The library should continue to offer that service!

  9. Danny Butt says:

    Thanks for the PressReader trial – particularly useful for our graduate research students in the creative arts, as much of their work involves assessing reviews and other materials on creative works that are in professional periodicals and newspapers rather than journal articles. The visual format is of course especially valuable for us. I can see this becoming part of CREA90001 Methods in Artistic Research coursework. Definitely worth extending our access!

  10. Louisa says:

    PressReader will be a terrific resource for Art students. There are a number of magazines and journals that are not currently available through the library system. These will be valuable for the students’ studio research and CATS research projects.

  11. Mao Oishi says:

    PressReader was a very good resource for Japanese students. Because I can read all the Japanese magazines and learn new vocabulary from them, as well as feeling engaged in the Japanese culture.

  12. Alex Martinis Roe says:

    This would be a fantastic resource for our students! They need to keep up to date with periodicals as part of their course.

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