Shakespeare’s Globe Archive (Trial)

Trial ends 15th April 2019.
Catalogue record, available from: Shakespeare’s Globe Archive.

This collection of documents offers insights into the performance practice in the particular space of the reconstructed Globe Theatre. It details the way in which the theatre was constructed as a place of radical experiment. It documents over 200 performances through prompt books, wardrobe notes, programmes, publicity material, annual reports, show reports, photographs and architectural plans.

Please note that PDF download options are not available during trials.

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The Digital Concert Hall – Berliner Philharmoniker (Trial)

Trial ends 31st March 2019.
Catalogue record, available from: The Digital Concert Hall – Berliner Philharmoniker.

This unique resource offers:
• 1,700 works performed by the who’s who of classical music
• 45 live broadcasts per season
• Historic recordings
• 270 artist interviews
• Program introductions
• Documentaries and fi lms
• Selected concerts available in 4K/HDR
New and improved features:
• MARC-records
• IP authentication
• Choice between personal user accounts and direct access
• Possibility to compile personalized playlists
• Weekly information about new concerts
• Access via all supported devices

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Study on Dream of the Red Mansions (Trial)

红楼梦研究 (Hong lou meng yan jiu)

Trial ends 31st March 2019.
Incorporates “Study on Dream of the Red Chamber”.
Catalogue record, available from: Dream of Red Mansions.

Please note: this trial access allows up to 30 concurrent users.
The study of the book “Dream of the Red Chamber” is looked at in the context of 24 subject areas, including Chinese legislation, judicial, political, ethnic, social and other aspects of social science research.

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Met Opera on Demand: Student Access (Trial)

Trial ends 31st March 2019.
Catalogue record, available from: Met Opera on Demand: Student Access.

Met Opera on Demand: Student Access offers users instant access to more than 600 full-length Met performances, including stunning HD videos from the Met’s award-winning Live in HD series of movie theater transmissions, classic telecasts from the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, and hundreds of radio broadcasts dating back to 1935. The site and its content are fully accessible on most mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) directly through the website as well. All videos include English subtitles, and recent HD videos include subtitles in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and/or Swedish. New titles are added every month, with most of the Met’s Live in HD programs coming online a few months after their live transmission date. Every opera includes an English synopsis, with synopses in multiple languages available for many operas.

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Trial ends 31st March 2019.
Catalogue record, available from: is a unique service producing and broadcasting over 100 live concerts each year and 1,300 programs, in collaboration with the greatest orchestras and concert halls in the world. The programs are available on demand and include concerts, archives, operas, ballets, documentaries, master-classes, educational films and artist profiles.

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Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820 (Trial)

Trial ends 31st March 2019.
Catalogue record, available from: Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820.

Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820–a supplement to Women and Social Movements, International–explores prominent themes in world history since 1820: conquest, colonization, settlement, resistance, and post-coloniality, as told through women’s voices.
Seen through women’s eyes, the history of modern empires opens dramatic new perspectives on global patterns that have shaped our world. Women’s voices can be found at all levels of imperial history. As the agents of empire, women were active as missionaries, educators, healthcare professionals, and women’s rights advocates. As the opponents of empire, women were active in nationalist and resistance and reform movements and as conservators of culture.

With a clear focus on bringing the voices of the colonized to the forefront, this archive and database includes documents related to the Habsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and United States empires, and settler societies in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

A large, innovative section focuses on the voices of Native Women in North America.

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Cochrane Interactive Learning


The Cochrane Interactive Learning is a new!

Cochrane Interactive Learning is:

  1. An online introductory training course on how to undertake a systematic review of interventions
  2. Comprises more than ten hours of self-directed learning on searching, risk of bias, meta-analysis, GRADE and the complete systematic review process
  3. Developed by experts in systematic review methods
  4. Designed for learners undertaking a systematic review for the first time, as well as experienced review authors, along with other users and researchers
  5. Undertaken in steps to build on systematic review knowledge
  6. Modules that include assessment and a certificate available on completion of each module
  7. Restricted  – we are unable to integrate the content in our Learning Management Systems

There are nine course modules

  1. Introduction to conducting systematic reviews
  2. Writing the review protocol
  3. Searching for studies
  4. Selecting studies and collecting data
  5. Introduction to study quality and risk of bias
  6. Analysing the data
  7. Interpreting the findings
  8. Reporting the review
  9. Introduction to health economics

Module 10: Network and meta-analysis is coming soon

Cochrane Interactive Learning is available from the Library’s catalogue:

Please refer to access instructions for University of Melbourne staff and students

We would welcome your feedback via on this resource to help us determine if it is worthwhile continuing this subscription 2020 onwards.

On behalf of your Scholarly Services librarians, February 2019.

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London Review of Books (Trial)

This trial will cover 5 issues, commencing with issue 41.03, ending with issue 41.07.
The trial will end on the 10th April 2019.

Catalogue record, available from: London Review of Books.
Cover page of London Review of Books
The London Review of Books is published twice a month, it provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in detail – from art and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy, fiction and poetry. LRB remains the pre-eminent exponent of the intellectual essay, admired around the world for its fearlessness, its range and its elegance. Incorporates high quality essays about literature, law, politics and society, and science, by leading scholars, public intellectuals and authors. As well as book reviews and reportage, each issue also contains poems, reviews of exhibitions and movies, ‘short cuts’, letters and a diary.

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Safari Books Online – New platform

O'Reilly Safari
Catalogue record, available from: Safari Books Online (NEW).

The new platform is a comprehensive repository of business and technology resources that help prepare students for today’s technology-dependent workforce. Unlike Classic Safari, New Safari offers an unlimited user access model with exclusive O’Reilly-produced content from more than 250 world-renowned innovators and corporate leaders which includes more than 36,700 titles and 4,800 videos. The new modern interface offers mobile access, downloading and personalization functionality.

The “Old” Safari platform with still be available until the 30th June 2019. The “New” Safari platform is available now.

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KOREAN databases – New

DBpia Electronic Journals Service

DBpia: electronic journal service. Full text database including over 1,000 Korean scholarly journals. the journal titles are arranged by 11 subject categories (Business/Economics, Theology, Education, Sociology, Natural Science, Human science, Linguistics, Law/Administration, Artistic and Physical). All journals are available from the first issue of a given title.
If login window appears, click on ‘X’ to close. Full access will be available without login
Catalogue record, available from: DBpia.

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KRpia knowledge reference service

This is a full-text collection of Korean classical books. Users may search and retrieve primary sources, oral sources, classical texts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and general reference works in fields such as Korean history, literature, civilization, medicine, architecture, and natural history. Databases both in Korean translation and in the classical Chinese-language original.
Catalogue record, available from: KRpia.

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RISS International

Search all data of more than 500 Korean University Libraries + Korean Journal Articles + Korean Theses & Dissertations. Full text only available where accessible via subscribed DBpia database.
Catalogue record, available from: RISS International.

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