SciFinder-n (Trial)

This trial will end 4 March 2019

SciFinder-n is the newest product in the SciFinder family, accelerating the research process with a frictionless interface to the unmatched CAS content collection and the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry.  SciFinder-n includes: MethodsNow Synthesis which contains more than 5 million fully described synthesis methods and procedures, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make the compounds important to your research; and PatentPak which allows you to search through millions of patents sourced from more than 30 patent offices and instantly locate the chemistry within.

Use your SciFinder LogIn ID and Password to access the SciFinder-n trial.  You must have registered in SciFinder prior to 19th November 2018 to be able to access this trial. If not, please contact Trial queries (using your unimelb email address) for assistance.

One Response to “SciFinder-n (Trial)”

  1. Youngsoo Cho says:

    I find SciFinder-n Trial useful to search methods and reactions as well as patents written in other languages than English. Terrific!!!

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