eResource cancellations 2018

Due to ongoing collection budget constraints, including the impact of the changing value of the Australian dollar, the Library identified some low use journal or database packages for cancellation in late 2017, generating savings in the order of $218,000. This ensured we met our Materials Vote target.

The parameters used to reach this decision were low use of the resource, or access to these materials being available from other resources within our collections.

We do understand that in some instances there will be access lost to material that some colleagues consider valuable. Whilst we may not be able to reinstate these resource sets in their entirety, we are interested in feedback about adverse impact on your research and studies, and will seek to ameliorate this through alternate means of providing access such as document delivery, the purchase of a single journal title or the reinstatement of subsets of a particular database.

The packages cancelled for 2018 are :

  • ProQuest – Social Sciences Premium
  • Emerald – Health Care
  • Lexis Academic (will be reinstated in June 2018 following academic feedback)
  • CAIRN Info
  • EBSCO – Regional Business News
  • EBSCO – Newspaper Source Plus
  • EBSCO – Legal Source
  • EBSCO – International Humanities
  • China Government Gazettes full-text database
  • LLBA (reinstated)

Individual titles cancelled for 2018 are:

  • 10 Monkeys
  • Arts:Live
  • Busy Things
  • Literacy Planet
  • Science of Synthesis
  • Sexual Health Visual

Please direct any feedback to Jennifer Eddy <>, who will submit it to relevant user groups and library committees for consideration.

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