DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is a clinical information resource designed to decrease the time to find answers to clinical queries. Content is updated every day to ensure access to the most current evidence. DynaMed Plus was launched in 2014. The product utilizes a semantically-enriched search design to facilitate easy and immediate results. DynaMed Plus content covers 23 medical specialties including paediatrics, primary care, neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology and infectious diseases. Access is available inside and outside of institutional networks 24×7 for all University of Melbourne users.

DynaMed Plus search algorithm is based on concept-based searching and includes :
• intelligent auto-suggest
• direct-to-section search results
• exact match summary display
• quick access to relevant images and calculators
• an easy-to-scan format, making it easy to find the information you need.
Editors monitor the content of medical journals daily, evaluating each article for clinical relevance and scientific validity. New evidence is added multiple times each day.

The levels of evidence and guidelines behind each recommendation can easily be seen. The product contains more than 4,700 medical graphics and images to help answer clinical questions. Micromedex standard drug information is presented in concise, sourced and referenced blocks of information.

The DynaMed Plus mobile app provides enhanced search, intuitive design, seamless updates and easy navigation. It is possible to access content offline, bookmark favourite topics, write and save notes and email topics. Instructions for downloading the mobile app are here
A promotional video is available for more details.
Source: http://dynamed.com.ezp.lib.unimelb.edu.au/home/

Please Note: access to DynaMed is a TRIAL and will be reviewed over the next couple of years.
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