Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online

Catalogue record, available from: Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online.

This online reference work reconstructs the lexicon for the most important languages and language branches of Indo-European. It is a voluminous resource for historical and general linguists. Dictionaries can be cross-searched, with an advance search for each individual dictionary enabling the user to perform more complex research queries. Each entry is accompanied by grammatical info, meaning(s), etymological commentary, reconstructions, cognates and often extensive bibliographical information.

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4 Responses to “Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online”

  1. John Mansfield says:

    Great resource! I hope we do get a permanent subscription, as this will provide an excellent tool for checking up on historical changes.

  2. Brent Davis says:

    An invaluable resource that will be widely used in our discipline… the University truly deserves lasting access to these excellent volumes!

  3. Tim Parkin says:

    Very impressive indeed – I consulted the Latin and Greek volumes (I have used the second of these previously in hard copy) and found them very useful and usable.

  4. Henrique Burigo says:

    This compendium is simply a must, essential not only for linguists, but in translation studies, philosophical research and writing, etc. In short, for getting acquainted with the long history of our ideas.

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