Bloomsbury History: Theory & Method – TRIAL




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Trial ends: 14th October 2023.

  • 100 exclusive articles written by authors from 25 different countries across five continents that explore key concepts, thinkers, debates, methods for analysing primary sources, classic and cutting-edge theories, schools of thought and overviews and excerpts from scholarly works which shaped the discipline.
  • 60+ academic eBooks focused on historiography, theory and methods.
  • Historiography: Critical Readings, a four-volume major reference work on the global history of historiography.
  • Navigate and contextualize key content by time and region using the interactive timeline and world map.

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One Response to “Bloomsbury History: Theory & Method – TRIAL”

  1. Amanda Whiting says:

    This is a great resource for students and teachers. From my perspective as someone who teaches a legal history subject in the Law school and encourages law students in other subjects to seriously engage with history in their approach to legal research and writing, Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method will be an ideal resource to introduce students to key approaches and ideas and to instill requisite skills for inter-disciplinary studies. Please do purchase it.

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