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Trial ends: 31st October 2023.

Books+Publishing is now offered for Education Institutions. This previously print publication is now an online resource with all the information you will have been familiar with. Established in 1921, Books+Publishing is Australia’s number-one source of news about the book industry, keeping subscribers up to date with the latest book industry news, events, features, interviews, opinion, personnel changes, job advertisements and classifieds. Books+Publishing is also the only source of pre-publication reviews of Australian and New Zealand books.

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9 Responses to “Books+Publishing – TRIAL”

  1. Tim Coronel says:

    Books+Publishing is an essential resource for students in subjects including publishing, creative writing, media and communications, and journalism.

    B+P includes local and international book industry news, bestseller lists, pre-publication book reviews, rights and acquisitions news and — most importantly to students — job ads that are found nowhere else.

    I strongly recommend subscribing permanently.

  2. Caity says:

    The books + publishing publication is a VERY helpful resource. Please continue to give us access to this while we study.

  3. Caitlin Bush says:

    Having the books + publishing subscription through the Ini has been extremely helpful. It has allowed me to keep up with the current events and news of the industry as well as find job opportunities.

  4. Rosie Watts says:

    Having a subscription to B + P is very useful for aspiring editors and writers, and it helps support students who couldn’t otherwise afford subscriptions!

  5. Jenny Truong says:

    There are very few resources for editing and writing students that has comprehensive information and up-to-date news like B + P. This is a vital resource to understand the book industry especially for students who are just starting their publishing degree.

  6. Lisa Mclellan says:

    This resource is unreal! I’ve never had access to all the Books + Publishing news before-award winners, job ads, big moves in the industry etc. It really opened my eyes and helped me get further in touch with the industry I want to move into eventually. Very appreciative of this, thanks UniMelb!

  7. Nashin says:

    Excellent resource that helps keep students up to date with the latest news about publishing in Australia. It really helps me stay in touch with the industry and is a good one-stop resource. It goes without saying that the job ads also makes it vital for students like me looking to step into the industry/further their career.

  8. Joanne says:

    This is a very useful resource to access publishing industry news, acquisitions, and job opportunities as a Master of Publishing and Communications student. A very valuable resource.

  9. Caitlin Parker says:

    Books+Publishing is a really important resource for publishing students, and I refer to it frequently both as a PhD Candidate and a Subject-Coordinator in the Publishing and Communications department. Not only does it provide students with access to up-to-date news about the publishing industry, this is also where a lot of the publishing industry jobs are advertised – which is vital to give students access to if we want them to be able to easily know what jobs are available for them to apply for, and for them to be able to track job trends in the industry.

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