Catalogue record, available via: Oxford Scholarly Editions.

Trial ends 6 July 2020

Building on the strong news gathering reputation of NK News, NK Pro is a collection of databases and research tools about North Korea, to assist the people on the front-lines of policy, business and research.

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2 Responses to “NK Pro (TRIAL)”

  1. Joshua Fernandez says:

    NK News and NK Pro are essential resources for researching North Korea. The daily updates and analysis of events (occurring next to real time) provides a nuanced discussion on the country; something which is not usually found from other news sources. As an International Relations student, this site has acted as a good source for providing context to North Korea.

  2. kyarra says:

    Hi Joshua,
    Thank you for your comment on the trial of NK Pro.
    I am glad that it proved useful in your studies.
    Unfortunately we will not be proceeding with a subscription to this resource at this time.

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