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Imagine the best stories being read aloud to you by our favourite storytellers – well that’s Story Box Library!
Storybox gets kids excited about reading, inspires their imaginations and lets them have fun with stories, improving their language and literacy skills along the way.
With an ever-growing library, suitable for preschool and primary aged children, it really is Storytime, Anytime!

Story time can be used to facilitate discussion in learning environments, to complement a story time or a read aloud

  • Story Box Library focuses solely on local stories and voices
  • Our library now consists of over 200 stories
  • Each story comes with tailored Classroom Notes and/or At Home Activities that are specifically created for the Australian curriculum, further connecting children to the themes of each story.
  • Our storytellers are chosen to ensure a broad range of voices, ages, gender and backgrounds to ensure diversity.
  • We regularly add new stories, currently 40-60 each year.


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3 Responses to “Storybox”

  1. Patricia Eadie says:

    This is a fantastic resource for our teacher candidates to utilise. It contains a great selection of children’s literature but perhaps more importantly provides a variety of models of what excellent book-reading to children should look like.
    Examples include intonation, rhythm, questions, and engaging.

  2. Lucy Stewart says:

    This is a fantastic resource to early childhood and primary educators as well as for teacher candidates and academics to use in their practice. It provides teacher candidates with an opportunity to integrate ICT and literacy as well as a high-quality resource for classroom use.

    It is an extremely useful resource for academics to provide a diverse range of models of storybook reading. We have used this in Language and Literacy Learning in Children to support teacher candidates to understand the importance of engaging storytelling, identifying vocabulary, modelling ‘storybook talk’ and Conversational Reading (3A) – just as a few examples.

  3. Amy Perkins-White says:

    Storybox is a rich and comprehensive resource for building literacy, it features:
    • Diverse selection of storybook videos for a range of ages. The books feature enriching language, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, metaphor etc. and many titles explore sophisticated themes
    • Animation of picture book illustrations which track in the direction that the pages would turn, with sound effects and engaging narration that bring the illustrations to life.
    •The classroom ideas section has guidance for developing pre-reading and comprehension strategies with young readers.
    •Many of the books are accompanied by an ideas booklet which offer classroom learning activities that integrate a range of curriculum areas such as mathematics, science, humanities etc.
    •Videos have the options to turn on closed captions to view the storybook text
    •Exemplars for engaging literary activities related to the book for use in the classroom or at home
    •Useful filters available that allow for easier navigation and selection of books, e.g.
    o age
    o theme
    o length

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