Annual Plant Reviews Online

Catalogue record, available from: Annual Plant Reviews Online.

Annual Plant Reviews Online is a reference work from Wiley’s Online Library.
It is a unique resource, an authoritative and growing collection of peer-reviewed plant science articles published in an electronic format.

With roughly 20 volumes of new content that have been digitised, Annual Plant Reviews online covers a spectrum of topics relating to pure and applied aspects of plant and crop science.

The remit of Annual Plant Reviews online is to publish topical, high-quality, research-focused reviews, commissioned from leading plant scientists around the world by members of the international Editorial Board. It is designed to be an invaluable resource for plant and crop scientists, and for professionals in all aspects of plant biology and crop improvement.

Topics covered by this resource include:
-Agricultural science
-Cell biology
-Ecology, biodiversity and systematics
-Food, nutrition and health
-Genetics and development
-Microbial sciences
-Omic sciences and technologies
-Plant and crop science
-Tools, technologies and methods

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