Clarivate Analytics (Trial)

Trial ends 19th November 2019.
Harness intelligence to accelerate innovation and drug development

The University of Melbourne, Monash University, and WEHI have secured 5-months site-wide access to Clarivate Analytics drug development packages, Drug Research Advisor, Integrity and Biomarkers.

The partnership with Clarivate will give researchers unprecedented access to these industry class-leading tools that can empower both basic and translational biomedical research.


Available via the Library catalogue.
Integrity, with the Biomarkers module, provides information across multiple disciplines to support successful drug research and development. It Integrates biological, chemical and pharmacological data, and is updated daily. This wealth of scientific pipeline data contains granular target and MOA information as well as the most extensive preclinical and clinical biomarker data linked to associated diseases and therapies.

Drug Research Advisor

Available via the Library catalogue.
Drug Research Advisor is a suite of applications that integrate the three major steps of preclinical research into a single cloud-based workflow.

Please follow access instructions as detailed in catalogue entries.


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