New eResources – June 2017

The Library has recently acquired the following databases:

TVNews – this database has returned to the Library’s collection.  TVNews indexes Australian television news, current affairs and selected documentaries from the free-to-air networks with links to the digitised video content in a compressed format. All individual stories from a particular broadcast are indexed with a detailed synopsis. TVNews is updated daily, with stories appearing on an evening news broadcast generally being available for access the next morning.

Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs – Aletta Jacobs was a Dutch physician and feminist who, along with her husband C.V. Gerritsen began collecting information on women’s issues in the late 1800s.  By the time their successors finished their work in 1945, the Gerritsen Collection was the greatest single source for the study of women’s history in the world, with materials spanning four centuries and 15 languages.

Cecil Papers  – The Cecil Papers is a major collection of early-modern historical documents from the reigns of Elizabethan I and James I/VI.  The documents were gathered by William Cecil (1521-98), Lord Burghley and his son Robert Cecil (1563-1612), First Earl of Salisbury.  Both men were Secretary of State to Elizabeth I and Robert Cecil also served her successor, James.

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