Japan Times Archive (Trial)

This trial will end 12 August 2016

The Japan Times Archive delivers over a century of news and history on world affairs, written in English, from a Japanese perspective.  Every issue, published from March 1897 is searchable.  The online search tools allow users to enter keywords to find articles or advertisements on specific topics, with the option to limit searches to publication dates, title, specific days of the week, type of publication (Main, Extra or Supplement) or by Imperial Period.   The pages are reproduced in full with photos and illustrations.

The Japan Times was launched by Motosada Zumoto on March 22, 1897, with the goal of giving Japanese an opportunity to read and discuss news and current events in English in order to help Japan to participate more fully in the international community.  It was successively renamed The Japan Times and Mail (1918–1940) following its merger with The Japan Mail, The Japan Times and Advertiser (1940–1943) following its merger with The Japan Advertiser, and Nippon Times (1943–1956) before reverting to the Japan Times title in 1956.

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  1. Admin says:

    The Japan Times Archive has been added to the Library’s collection and is now available via the Library Catalogue – http://cat.lib.unimelb.edu.au:80/record=e1001751~S31

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