SAGE Research Methods – new platform

The new SAGE Research Methods is now live.  Dual access to the current platform will still be available until 28th July 2016.

Benefits of the new platform include:

  • A unified platform for text and video content, providing users with a multimedia research experience
  • A fully responsive site that will work well with all mobile phones and tablet devices
  • Improved discoverability of content, both from within the platform and from external sources
  • The Methods Map has been improved, allowing users to explore method concepts with greater ease.
  • The browse options have been enhanced to align with user needs – allowing browse by discipline, content type, and method topic.

Personal Profiles, Method Lists and Saved Searches:

  • Staff and students personal profiles will be migrated across to the new site. When you first visit the new site, click ‘Profile’ in the top right hand corner of the page, and click ‘Reset your password’. Follow the instructions to reset your password. Once this is done you will be able to login.
  • All My Method lists will be migrated across to the new site. They will now be called Reading Lists, but will contain all the content they contained on the current site.
  • Saved Searches will not be available on the new site. The new site performs searches in a different manner to the current site. This means that saved searches cannot be migrated.

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