Henry Stewart Talks : Marketing & Management (Trial)

This trial will end 31 December 2012

Henry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio visual presentations by world leading experts.  The Library currently subscribes to the Biomedical and Life Science Collection, and now also has trial access to the Marketing and Management Collection.

The Henry Stewart Talks : Marketing and Management Collection includes over 650 specially prepared audio-visual lectures, organised into 57 comprehensive series and delivered by leading academics, principals, and managers and advisors from the business world.  It makes available a wide range of detailed, practical knowledge on subjects as diverse as:
Change Management,
Business Ethics,
Information Technology,
Bargaining and Negotiations,
Business Continuity and Risk Management,
Data Mining,
Branding and Product Specialisation in Hotels,
Retail Marketing,
Bayesian Analysis,
Sport Marketing,
Practical Pricing and Revenue Management,
Pharmaceutical Marketing,
Supply Chain Management,
Export Marketing
…. to name just a few series.

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