Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video (Trial)

This trial will end 19 July 2012

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video is a collection that illustrates the strategies, techniques, and experiences of professionals serving on the front lines of justice and public safety. From law enforcement and corrections personnel, to first responder’s and victim’s advocates, this compilation of documentaries, training videos, and interviews visually depicts the theoretical principles and practical application of criminal justice and emergency response.

The collection has been released with 392 titles, equaling approximately 279 hours.  At completion, the collection will offer 500 hours of content in a wide range of topics with international coverage, allowing for a comparative view of criminal justice systems.  Subject areas include: Criminal law ; Criminology ; Criminal procedure ; Victimology ; Law enforcement ; Violent Crime ; Courts and Adjudication ; Crime typology ; Corrections ; Forensics ; Juvenile Justice ; First responders ; Substance abuse/Re-entry

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