H.W. Wilson Databases moving to EBSCOhost

In June 2011 H. W. Wilson merged with EBSCO, and over the coming weeks Wilson databases will become available on the EBSCOhost platform.  Through December 2011 these database will also be available on WilsonWeb.  The goal is to provide time for each customer to have access on both platforms to allow for an easy transition to EBSCOhost.  While there may be batches of H.W. Wilson databases made available on EBSCOhost at a single time, the overall release schedule will be staggered over the next several weeks. 

 The Library subscribes to three H.W. Wilson databases:

  • Wilson Art Abstracts (Ovid)
  • Legal periodicals and books (Wilson)
  • Legal periodicals retrospective 1908-1981 (Wilson)

Wilson Art Abstracts (Ovid) is available on EBSCOhost as Art Full Text, now with unlimited simultaneous users.  The database will also remain active on the Ovid platform until 31 December 2011.  The entry for the Ovid version in the A-Z Database list will be deleted in early January 2012.   

Legal Periodicals and Books (Wilson)  has been made available on EBSCOhost as Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full Text   

Legal periodicals retrospective 1908-1981 (Wilson)  has been made available on EBSCOhost as Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective 1908-1981.

These two legal databases will also remain active on the WilsonWeb platform until 31st January 2012, after that it will redirect to the EBSCOhost version.  The entry for the Wilson version will remain in the A-Z Database list until late January 2012.  

If you have saved alerts on the WilsonWeb interface you will need to recreate the alerts on EBSCOhost (via your My EBSCOhost account.)  You can create alerts that span across both EBSCO and Wilson databases.  Alternatively you might like to create an alert in Discovery which will include content from both EBSCO and Wilson databases (as well as other Library databases available in Discovery).

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