Chinese Science Citation Database Trial

This trial is available until the 22nd of July

To bring Chinese research to the forefront and give researchers searchable access to valuable knowledge, Thomson Reuters is partnering with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the Chinese Science Citation Database on the ISI Web of Knowledge platform. This database is comprised of almost 1,100 top scholarly publications from China, with nearly two million records in total. The Chinese Science Citation Database will be fully searchable within ISI Web of Knowledge, and users will also be able to link from citations within the database to data within Web of Science. For futher information about this database please see

One Response to “Chinese Science Citation Database Trial”

  1. Jennifer Warburton says:

    Pity the trial is so short. I would have liked more time for academics and research students to trial..many away during school holidays/field work/conferences at this time. My test search worked well and I was able to sort my results by times cited. I was pleased to see that abstracts were in both Chinese and English. I was able to locate the English articles using the language limiter/scope on left. I think that this would be a really useful purchase. It would be useful for locating researchers in a particular field. I wonder if there will be a Arts, Humanities & Soc Sci one?

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