SciBX (Nature Publishing)

SciBX: Science–Business eXchange is a groundbreaking weekly publication that provides a timely, concise and understandable analysis of the scientific content and commercial potential of the most important translational research papers from across the life science literature. The editorial team at SciBX mines thousands of articles across the literature each week and distill the flood of information down to the 25 most important developments. And by reporting the industry viewpoint on the key papers, SciBX provides a unique and essential scientific and commercial perspective on today’s breakthrough science.

For academic scientists and technology transfer officers SciBX will:

  • Save you time and resources by identifying and describing key translational research
  • Provide scientific and commercial perspectives on the key papers
  • Improve your understanding of the commercial goals and problem areas in translational research

For biopharma executives, business development specialists, corporate scientists and investment professionals SciBX will:

  • Save you time and resources by identifying and describing emerging science and technology with commercial potential
  • Facilitate early opportunities for investment, alliances and partnerships
  • Identify emerging competition

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