Kotobarabia : Arab leaders, historians and philosophers collection (Trial)

This trial will end 20 November 2013

Kotobarabia : Arab leaders, historians and philosophers collection is collection of approximately 5,000 ebooks from nearly 1,000 important, highly valued Arab thinkers, philosophers, historians, politicians, and theologians.  Each book is a faithful rendition of the title, all scanned from original editions.

Following the success of Kotobarabia’s Modern Arab Renaissance collection, the newly released Kotobarabia: Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers collection (formerly titled the New Renaissance Collection), is a second, larger collection of rare Arabic titles.  This collection includes rare titles paramount for the understanding of Arab history, philosophy, theology, and politics.   The collection can be searched together with the two Kotobarabia collections already purchased by the Library at the East View search page, or you can browse the title list.

Topics include: Sunni thought and practice – Feminism – Modern medicine – Scientific thought – Egyptian liberalism – Arabic secular writings – Political reforms and movements, including the Orabi Revolution – Education – Healthcare – Arts – Christianity and Islam

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