SciFinder-n (Trial)

This trial will end 18 February 2019

SciFinder-n is the newest product in the SciFinder family, accelerating the research process with a frictionless interface to the unmatched CAS content collection and the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry.  SciFinder-n includes: MethodsNow Synthesis which contains more than 5 million fully described synthesis methods and procedures, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make the compounds important to your research; and PatentPak which allows you to search through millions of patents sourced from more than 30 patent offices and instantly locate the chemistry within.

Use your SciFinder LogIn ID and Password to access the SciFinder-n trial.  You must have registered in SciFinder prior to 19th November 2018 to be able to access this trial. If not, please contact Trial queries (using your unimelb email address) for assistance.

eResource cancellations 2018

Due to ongoing collection budget constraints, including the impact of the changing value of the Australian dollar, the Library identified some low use journal or database packages for cancellation in late 2017, generating savings in the order of $218,000. This ensured we met our Materials Vote target.

The parameters used to reach this decision were low use of the resource, or access to these materials being available from other resources within our collections.

We do understand that in some instances there will be access lost to material that some colleagues consider valuable. Whilst we may not be able to reinstate these resource sets in their entirety, we are interested in feedback about adverse impact on your research and studies, and will seek to ameliorate this through alternate means of providing access such as document delivery, the purchase of a single journal title or the reinstatement of subsets of a particular database.

The packages cancelled for 2018 are :

  • ProQuest – Social Sciences Premium
  • Emerald – Health Care
  • Lexis Academic (will be reinstated in June 2018 following academic feedback)
  • CAIRN Info
  • EBSCO – Regional Business News
  • EBSCO – Newspaper Source Plus
  • EBSCO – Legal Source
  • EBSCO – International Humanities
  • China Government Gazettes full-text database
  • LLBA (reinstated)

Individual titles cancelled for 2018 are:

  • 10 Monkeys
  • Arts:Live
  • Busy Things
  • Literacy Planet
  • Science of Synthesis
  • Sexual Health Visual

Please direct any feedback to Jennifer Eddy <>, who will submit it to relevant user groups and library committees for consideration.

Exile Shorts (Trial)

This trial will end 10 December 2017

Exile Shorts streams award-winning short-form, student films and educational audiovisual content.

The database focuses solely on delivering short-form and includes:

  • Titles from the British Film Institute, American Film Institute, USC Cinematic Arts, University of Melbourne VCA, AFTRS, National Film Board of Canada.
  • The early work of filmmakers and artists like Alfred Hitchcock, Jane Campion, Ridley Scott, Gillian Armstrong, Norman McLaren and Salvador Dali; and
  • Films that have won majors awards at: The Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, TIFF, Berlin and more.

Each film has been carefully selected by the Exile Shorts curatorial team and categorised by: film convention (direction, screenwriting, cinematography, performance etc.); theme (revenge, love, isolation etc.); genre (drama, comedy etc.); organisation (AFI, USC, BFI); and the stages of mastery (emerging, established and master).  The Curated by Exile Shorts category provides an great place to start exploring the database.

The content is exclusive to Exile Shorts and is not otherwise accessible online. It spans from 1888 to present day, creating historical value and insight into the development of media technology.

SciVal Trends (Trial)

This trial will end 31 March 2018

SciVal Trends is an addition to the SciVal suite of products. The SciVal Trends module gives you the ability to define and create your own research areas, and to examine these Research Areas in detail, to discover the top performers and rising stars.  It includes usage data from ScienceDirect and Scopus to give an early indication of research visibility and help spot research trends.

SciVal Trends allows you to identify and analyze:

  • What are the emerging and declining topics in a particular Research Area?
  • Which Countries, Institutions and Authors are the most active?
  • Who are the fastest growing contributors?
  • Whose research is being used the most at country, institution and author levels?
  • Who are the top performers and why are they better than others?

See the SciVal information site for more details and a SciVal Trends webinar recording.

**Please note: All users will need to login with a personal username and password. If you have a personal username and password for another Elsevier product, such as ScienceDirect, Scopus, Reaxys, ClinicalKey or Mendeley, the same login details will work here in SciVal. If you need to create a login look for the Register Now link on the Login page.

Slavery and Anti-Slavery : a Transnational Archive (Trial)

This trial will end 13 October 2017

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive consists of more than five million cross-searchable pages sourced from books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, legal documents, court records, monographs, manuscripts, and maps from many different countries. The primary source material is accompanied by research guides, subject outlines, and scholarly essays on the subject.  The archive also offers links to websites, biographies, chronology, bibliographies, and information on key collections, to give users background and context for further research.

The archive has four collections:  Part I: Debates over slavery and abolition — Part II: Slave trade in the Atlantic world — Part III: The institution of slavery — Part IV: The age of emancipation.

Electronic Enlightenment (Trial)

This trial will end 31 December 2017

Electronic Enlightenment is the most wide-ranging online collection of edited correspondence of the early modern period, linking people across Europe, the Americas and Asia from the early 17th to the mid-19th century — reconstructing one of the world’s great historical “conversations”.

Eavesdrop on the private conversations and thoughts of a wide range of figures such as Voltaire and Rousseau, and also the lesser-known, from bankers to booksellers, merchants to mathematicians, and scholars to servants.  The correspondents discuss everything from religious tolerance to animal rights, vulcanology to classical archeology, economic modelling to celebrity culture.

Learn more about Electronic Enlightenment by taking a Guided Tour.

New Resources – August 2017

The following databases were recently added to the Library’s collection:

TRA Online – Tourism Research Australia’s online data package enables users to interrogate data from the International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Survey (NVS).

Statista – A portal for market data, market research and market studies. The database contains statistics drawn from consumer survey results and industry studies.

MGG Online – The authoritative German-language music encyclopedia, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, is now available as an online database.

Kluwer IP Law – Navigate the increasingly global practice of IP law with specialized, local and cross-border information and tools.

Archives Unbound – Five additional collections from the Archives Unbound series

Kluwer IP Law (Trial)

This trial will end 5 July 2017

Kluwer IP Law enables you to navigate the increasingly global practice of IP law with specialized, local and cross-border information and tools.  It provides information on patent, design, trademark and copyright.  With ‘Smart Charts’, case law, news, and access to 100 books including the Manual for the handling of applications for patents, designs and trade marks throughout the world (the ‘Brown Book’), and Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention.

The Library has two concurrent trials to this database – one to the full collection, the other to the ‘Brown Book’ alone.

Please note: A trial Username and Password are required to access this resource. Please post a comment below (using your unimelb email address) to request the username and password.

Climate Change and Law Collection (Trial)

This trial will end 5 July 2017

Climate Change and Law is a comprehensive collection of climate change and law documents contains original source, non-edited and non-redacted “grey literature” (non-peer reviewed) in English, centred on climate change and the law.

It includes materials for any discipline of law in which climate change is addressed, including corporate law, environmental law and human rights law. Materials in the collection originate from a wide range of organisations in the public and private sector, institutions, and/or individuals, worldwide.

The collection is edited by the Human Rights Internet (HRI) in Ottawa, Canada and is updated annually.

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